About Alexis

About Alexis

You may know Alexis Neiers from the hit reality television show on the E! Network, ‘Pretty Wild!’ or her notorious jail stint for her alleged involvement with the ‘Bling Ring’ and second arrest for possession of heroin in December, 2010.

More recently, the Oscar winning director, Sophia Coppola, wrote and directed the film, ‘Bling Ring,’ staring Emma Watson as a young Alexis. The world is hungry for the full story, from Alexis’ perspective, and her account of the gritty reality behind the glitz, and her heroic achievement of redemption.

Alexis Neiers was born in Westlake Village California on June 20th, 1991. Growing up in a suburban community was not always pretty. Her mother, Andrea Neiers-Dunn, and father, Mikel Neiers, were divorced by the time she was three, due to her father’s alcoholism and adultery.

From a very early age Alexis faced traumas no child should ever have to endure, including physical and emotional abuse and sexual abuse from the age of three to six years old.

Alexis was first prescribed benzodiazepines, antidepressants and ADHD medications as a young adult, then after only a few short years, was drinking and using drugs. By the age of nineteen, she was a full-blown intravenous heroin addict and alcoholic.

That was the beginning to the end of a long tumultuous journey. There were the parties, the hustling, and the filming of her own reality show, where she became an idol to so many young girls, all while pursuing oblivion with the aid of massive amounts of drugs and alcohol.

After her last arrest in December 2010, as she stood in front of a judge ready to sentence her to three to six years in the California State Prison system, a man in the gallery stood up and offered Alexis the opportunity of her life.

Greg Hannely, owner of SOBA Recovery Center, offered to care for her for one year. This was the start of her new life, and the amazing transformation that ensued. Today, Alexis is a wife, a new mother, and has been working as a certified drug and alcohol abuse counselor in drug treatment centers throughout the Los Angeles area for the last couple of years.

She has been sober for over two years now, and devotes her life to the service of alcoholics and addicts in and out of recovery and to helping those who have suffered and are still suffering from every form of abuse, eating disorders and trauma.